CVT gearbox Issue (pre facelift) – No drive or gears

Hi All

I have a gearbox issue, enroute on way to work this morning, my K11 cut out, (gearbox fine at this point), thought might be damp, I tried re-starting no avail, so cruised in neutral to a safe place, then placed gearbox in park mode.

I waited about 2 minutes engine started fine, set off but gearbox judder / whine, got about 800m down the road pulled in to a layby, then used reverse to straighten up, though gearbox whining, went to select D, now absolutely nothing in all gears.

Though when you place in D, you don't get that engage feel (like that small jolt, feel of engagement), just nothing happens.

The CVT light is not on. . The gearbox done 130,000, but had regular oil changes.

Any ideas what this could be? I was wondering, if I placed it in P mode, whilst wheels were not stationery, has possibly screwed it up?
I have done a diagnostic CVT procedure.

The light remains on 2 seconds at first, then I get 7 short on blinks similar to the below. Does the diagnostic test pick up everything, if so this points to something mechanical, as no fault with the box?

[No fault found: There is a 2 second pause, followed by the light remaining on for 2 seconds and then 7 short on/off second blinks.]
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