CVT fluid change?

I just bought 2000 micra 1.3 16v gx N-CVT on 63k miles. I read in the web that the gearbox fluid should be changed once in a while and cause there was nothing proving that prevoius owner had changed it I wanna do it for my own mind piece. UK Nissan dealer ( glynhopkin) told me I need NS-1 fluid and the quantity I need is 5.5 litres. Is that possible as the container they sell is just 5L. I read somewhere that before 2000year it takes 3.2L after that 5 but i have no idea which my case is, I found so many different opinions on the web.
Also can someone explain the procedure of changing the fluid, is it just draining and then pouring the new one?
I read something about a black filter, do I have it? Thanks in advance! Im completely noob, I didnt even know what cvt is before buying that car and now feels so complicated to me :D

P.S. I just saw there is white sticker on the gearbox saying N3-TB40NRG1AA if that helps.
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I think its quite a fiddly old job buddy......stick her in a garage, and let them have the hassle.
I've had my missuses one done, only a few bob iirc. Not expensive from memory.
And welcome to you.;)


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it looks like yours is the pre coilpack (powderclutch) type, which has no filter iirc
you basically drain it off then re-fill, then top up while running in neutral
Yep as per what Frank said in the Haynes manual it also says if I can remember chuck your back wheels jack up the front end support on stands then go through the auto gears (apart from reverse of course) so transmission oil level is correct ! Also worth checking the electromagnetic brushes and holder for wear. If your UK spec ncvt is like my March Cabriolet NCVT there is an easily accessible transmission dipstick filler cap on the left front top/side of the transmission which makes the job a lot easier! Also welcome to the MSC Forum! B-)