CV Joint and Gator Question !!! Helppp...



Hi ppl..

I have a Nissan March DX, K10 model and i need to change the outer CV gator hub side on the passenger side. also i have to change the ball joint on the wishbone. I would like to know the correct procedure to change the CV gator mentioned above. Do i have to remove the drive shaft from the gearbox ? or can i insert the cv gator from the hub side ?? Do i need a special tool ? How can i open the cv gator to pass through the CV joint, on the hub side?

One final question, if i remove the drive shaft, would there be compications ? what happens on the gearbox side? because if i remove the shaft, i wil change both gators. If i remove the driveshaft from the gearbox side, to change the gator, do i have to dismantle the cv joint, so that i can insert both gator ?

Thanks a lot.. Please urgent ! :S


Grease Monkey!
I don't know if the CV joint is a ''knock off'' or if its held on with a small circlip on K10's but changeing the boot is a messy job either way....

You need to take the center hub nut off first (this WILL be tight) then remove the wheel, next out is the pinch bolt that holds the lower ball joint in and remove the balljoint from the hub.
Next swing the hub out of the way pushing the CV out of the hub as you go.

Now things get messy, cut the old boot off and its clips using a pair of snips and a stanly knife, clean the old CV grease out of the joind and you will see where it actually slides onto the shaft, if there is no recess with the ends of a clip visible then its a knock off and a few sharp cracks with a medium hammer should have it off... If there is a clip then you need to spread the ends of this to release the joint and knock it off with the clip held open untill its clear of the groove it sits in.

Next Fill the CV joint with new CV grease and slide the new boot onto the shaft, put the hubnut onto the CV threads to protect them and tap the joint fully back on, now squease any remaining grease into the boot, slide the boot into position and attatch it with the clips or tie-wraps supplied.

Then its ready to re-fit:upside:
But make sure the hubnut is tight and properly clipped, if its not tight enough or comes loose it will chew the wheel bearing in no time.

Change the entire lower arm while you ar at it, theyre not too expensive and you mayaswell while your in there.

And finally if you pull the shaft out of the box the worst that can happen is some gear oil comes out wilch will need replaceing by removing the speedo drive and putting it in through that hole, the speedo drive itself is used as a dipstick to check the level:grinning: