Customers Cars - Garys 433bhp GTi-R


Official MSC Trader
<h2><strong><font color="#ff0000">Customers Cars - Garys 433bhp GTi-R</font></strong></h2><table border="0" align="center"><tbody><tr><td valign="top"><p>Gary is a long time customer of ours, and us such this car has had a lot of input from us along the way. </p><p>This not so subtle beast started its life in Japan with just 220bhp, and even the stock performance specifications speak for themselves. However like all new cars they are built with compromise, and a willingness to spend some time effort and money to rework these can have some astounding results.</p><p>This example now boasts a specification list as long as your arm and with a proven 433bhp and 410lb/ft from one of our remapped ECUs running a forged engine on one of our GTi-R 3071R turbos at only 1.6 bar shows how well its making this power.<br />It would and could have done much more, but lets not forget this is a daily driver, and since Gary was more than happy with 400bhp we decided this would be a good point to stop.</p><h4><font color="#ff0000">SUSPENSION/CHASSIS</font></h4><p>Whiteline rear anti roll bar and bushes<br />Whiteline rear locking kit set for max traction<br /> Whiteline anti lift and dive kit<br /> 20 grooved rear discs with 'Green stuff' pads<br /> Braided hoses all round<br /> Alloy petrol tank guards<br /> Kad 6 pot callipers<br />Brand new Pagid blue front pads<br /> Front 312mm Brembo discs<br />Compomotive TH wheels painted in anthracite grey<br />GAB shocks front and rear with lowering springs <br />Custom front strut brace<br /> Genuine Nissan rear strut brace </p><h4><font color="#ff0000">INTERIOR</font></h4><p>HKS knock amp (reads AFR)<br /> Blitz sbci-colour duel solenoid boost controller<br />Blitz turbo timer<br />White dials</p><h4><font color="#ff0000">ENGINE</font></h4><p>Janspeed 3"downpipe the rest is a mongoose with custom 4" slash cut tailpipe <br />HKS fuel pressure regulator with oil filled under bonnet fuel pressure gauge.<br />Turbosmart megasonic B.O.V<br />Oil catch tank<br />Hybrid front mount kit intercooler<br />Silicon rad hoses<br />Custom uprated rad(thicker)<br />Sard 700cc injectors<br />Z32 Airflow meter<br />Blltz air filter<br /> nismo top left engine mount<br /> poly gearbox engine mount<br /> full stainless steell engine dress up kit plug/dizzy/inj rail/both fuse box covers<br />Fusion Motorsport GT3071R turbo with .86AR and 1.2 bar actuator<br />Ported cylinder head <br />HKS 264 cams<br />Heavy duty valve springs<br />Greddy rocker stopper (Fusion)<br />HKS 1.2mm head gasket<br /> Fusion Motorsport Realtime ECU<br />Walbro 255 fuel pump with Fusion fuel pump power kit<br />Fully Forged and balanced engine with Wiseco pistons<br />Quaife Gearbox</p></td><td valign="top"><p><img src="" border="0" alt="Garys GTi-R" align="top" /></p><p><img src="" border="0" alt="Dyno 1" title="Boost VS Flywheel power" /></p><p><img src="" border="0" alt="Dyno 2" title="Wheel torque Vs Wheel Power" width="300" height="226" /> </p></td></tr></tbody></table><p>#</p><p>#</p>

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