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Curtis' micra k10


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Anyone heard or seen any pics updates on my old white micra? K10franny is the members name who bought it from me..

That car had one amazing engine in it and would be a shame to waste it...i want it back lol :)

i dont recall any posts curtis, i,ll let you know if one turns up :grinning:
It’s alright slowly sorting it out, it’s been on the road with an sr20de for 2 years now. Current projects are an adjustable toe and camber rear axle with disc brakes. A bit of the spec:
Sr20de with 3 angle valve seats and a head skim
Nistune ecu
Mx5 BC coilovers with an modified axle to suit
K11 front hubs
100nx front brakes
Bride bucket seat and 6 point luke harness
Sprint hart wheels


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