Creaking noise when moving off

Hi everyone, I just wondered if anyone can shed light in the strange creaking noise I get occassionally when moving off. It happens mainly when the car has been standing, once you are driving its quite rare. I havent found anything that might explain it and I dont really know where its coming from: sometimes it seems to be the front and sometimes the rear. I havent found a way of reproducing it either. I have had a lot of noises with this car and Ive changed all 4 shocks, front wishbones and rear springs. If anything the creaking has got worse during this work although the various knockings that started me down this road are greatly improved. It seems to me that the noise is less common in the wet which suggests to me its a bush or mounting somewhere?
Has anyone experienced anything similar?
Could it be hand/emergency brake kind of corroded to brake drum, and when you start to drive, it brakes free and makes a sound...? :unsure:
Here on the Land of the Finns that happens with moisture/cold winter weather and hand/emergency brake is just freezes and needs to be melted.