cracked wing mirror reply for zeeww


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Hi asdame,

sorry if this post here is irrelevant to your cylinder head problem, but i am interested to know how you get the mirror, mounting base and the components inside the wing mirror off, epoxied the wing mirror cover and fixed it back to your car? basically i meant how you take the wing mirror cover off the whole mirror components??

my reason to ask this was someone broke off my micra's wing mirror, and the whole left wing mirror was broken off the mounting base, with 3 wires dangling from the base. i am thinking to buy a cheap OE specs mirror, and changing the cover from my broken original wing mirror onto the new OE spec mirror, i.e. use new OE internals + mirror with the original colour coded wing mirror cover. anyone reckon this is possible???

this will save me from primering the new mirror and spraying it.....

please let me know if i need to start a new thread on this if my post offended anyone here....

hi zeeww

thought i'd make a new thread here to keep things relevent

after I removed all the screws the mirror mechanism is held together by the 3 adjustment cables and a spring in the mirror base mount tensions em.

the cables are like the V-brake cables on a bicycle, an inner cable in tension and an outer cable that's in compression (the ribbed looking outer cable containing the adjustment wire in the mirror that's colour coded red, yellow and blue.

to seperate it I had to unhook the outer cables from their base to release tension (just like on a bike)

then the ends of the inner cables r simply detached from either the swiveling mirror mount or the adjuster handle end.

the slots for the inner cable ends are labelled R, Y and B to help you match it with the correct colour coded cable.

take ur time, keep things in neat order to remember how to reassemble and take care ;p
thanks asdame,

i will give it a shot and see if i succeed. the problem i have is i am trying to fit the original cover onto an aftermarket OE specs mirror combination, so i will have to be careful here. i dont want to end up with a broken original mirror, and a none useable OE wing mirror wrecked by myself!!!

thanks again