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CR10 to CR12 Engine Swap

Hi guys,
New to the forum which I found out in the last few days. Have to say this forum has loads of useful information and I never knew there is this kind of source on the Micra.

I have a daily driver K12 Micra with CR10 engine which gave up. Head is blown and I am seeing that the engine was refurbished at a certain point in its life. I wouldnt like to repair it especially when I got offered a low mileage CR12 engine for a cheap price.

The CR12 engine will come with the engine loom and ECU however my CR10 is a 2002 model and the CR12 is a 2009 model.

Does anyone know what will fit and what wont? Is it as simple as pulling off the CR10 and putting in the CR12 swapping also the ECU? I think the 2009 had the card thing to start up the car. Mine doesnt.

Any information will be greatly appreciated as on the net all I could find is perhaps K11 to K12 swaps or swaps from other car models into the micra.


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I personally would just swap the engines, leaving the original loom and ecu and see how it runs..........
A friend of mine did this with a 1.4 into a 1.2 car, with no problems.....


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I was also tempted to try that however I read that ignition advance is quite different between the two engines.
I doubt that it is 'quite different', but yes probably slightly more advanced to make the most of the slightly higher compression ratio on the 1.0 engine over the 1.2 and 1.4 engines, I don't think that it will make any noticeable difference as long as you don't run the car on low octane (below 95) fuel...........