CR engine weights

Greetings all. Sorry to barge in as I'm not a Micra owner (not many in the USA) but I was thinking about an engine swap into a great-great-grandparent of the Micra, the Datsun 1200. I'm aware the trend is to see how much power one can pack under the hood but like the Micra, the 1200 was designed with efficiency in mind so I was looking for modest performance gains with a reduction in pollution/ fuel consumption and it seemed fitting to look first at Nissan motors first.
It would be a big help if someone knew what a CR10 or CR12 engine weighed and what was included in that weight.
I also would appreciate it if someone knew or could measure the distance from the centre of the crank pulley/flywheel to the top of the motor (top of valve cover) and what the heck, if someone had a tape out anyway the total length of just the engine as well.


I've ruined my car 🙁
Honestly they are crap engines and I haven't seen a single person swap one into another car, but the earlier cg range of engine is a real winner and back in the time when Nissan had their name for reliability

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Not sure how heavy they are but I can lift micra engines with the box attached up onto my bench by hand so not frightfully heavy
Any idea what a CG weighs?
So far the best fit for lighter but with slightly more power has been the Suzuki G motors (1.0 and 1.3) but I'd rather stay all-Nissan if I can.
As for gearbox, I gather some of the bolt holes from the CR line up, enough to make it work with the original gearboxes and I've found no other gearboxes as lightweight as the old Nissan/Datsun boxes for RWD applications. Well other than a Sprite/Midget box, but those are pretty awful.