Cost of front wheel Bearing replacement

Hi All - long time since I posted on here. My wifes K12 seems to have a front wheel bearing breaking up. I have been quoted £380 by a local chain of garages to replace it. This seemed a bit excessive. Can members give me an idea if this is a fair price please?

try a local garage ask friends some will know a guy who can do it for you even at £20 an hour 3 hours and the bearing is still ok


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on my k11, last time I asked the local shop to source & replace the hub bearing only costed bout £40, removed & fitted the hub myself.
down at the scrappys I brought a pair of used k11 hubs for £20.

sometimes sourcing a used complete hub with non-excessive play (check it personally) might be more economical than the labour of fitting an expensive shiny new bearing.
get quotes of new bearings vs new hub & compare