coolant sensor or lambda sensor

hi guys

ive had problems with fuel since ive had this micra however, which should i change first the lambda or coolant sensor. also where is the coolant sensor located? i know how to remove the lambda sensor but dont want to replace until ive checked out the coolant one first.

should i just buy both of them from the scrappies?

regards me


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check that they are working within spec first before replacement.

there's two temp sensors under the dizzy. the small sensor with single male terminal is the dash temp gauge sensor. the other larger 2-terminal sensor is for the ecu. can't remember the resistances at the mo

depending in age of car, the lamda sensor could be checked by putting the ecu into diagnostic mode then start engine till its warm then then engine light'll show the status of the sensor.


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yes, worth testing them before condemning them eh :grinning:
2500 ohms @ 20deg c, and 300 ohms @ 80deg c for the cts