Coolant normal temperature

Hi all,

I own a 2008 1.4 K12 and I overheated it a few months ago, bottom of radiator suddenly broke on the highway and all the coolant was lost. Since it has no temp gauge, I was unaware until red light came up. Engine seems fine, however I have been trying to get coolant temperature information since then. First thing I tried was an OBD2 ELM327 bluetooth adaptor (two in fact) but this model seems to be completely incompatible with these readers (they all work in my friend's cars). Then I installed one of those sensors in the upper hose and it reads an average of 100ºC (212ºF) when fully hot, eventually reaching 105ºC. When fan starts it drops to 95ºC.

Is this a normal operating temperature for this engine? It seems a bit high. Is there any BT OBD2 device that is confirmed to work on this model?

Thanks in advance.
To whom it may concern, finally after purchasing three OBD bluetooth adapters, this one is confirmed to work like a charm on micra K12 2008: 2 bluetooth-240.html

I have monitored coolant temperature from ECU sensor and it is stable around 90ºC, wish K12 had oil temperature or pressure sensor to monitor oil status... But seems that it only has sensor to detect if oil pressure drops below 0,15 bar, I guess damage is done to the engine at this point. I can't believe an old 1998 Peugeot 206 shows information as oil temp and level, coolant temp and reservoir level and a 2008 Nissan does not even show coolant temp. Anyway, good little engine :)