Convert K11 to Electric EV. Mad or Worth a Go?

Morning all. Doing the morning paperwork and in the background a program on TV called Vintage Voltage came on where they convert old cars to EV.

Got drawn into watching a small amount of it and then it struck me ...... would it be a cool project convert a K11 to an EV? Would it even be possible? Where would you start? Has anyone started doing one?

Looking at some of the ace rebuilds some of you have done on here, it sounds like a great next project?

Curious what folks think?

This is a link to the program .....
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Hi 3706mht, It's all well and good if you have £40,000 spare as Vintange voltage prices are very high and you could buy a used Nissan leaf for £16,000 from cinch. However if you look on youtube and ask for petrol to electric converations you can see a lot of people who have converted their cars. Also if you still want to covert your k11 to electric try to buy an old forklift motor.
Yours Peter0003
or just try driving with your starter 😜

Sure an electric K11 would be interesting.
But i'd rather be interested in bolt on hybrid technology.
Maybe one of those Starter/Atlernator combos
And an electirc Supercharger/Turbo... using recuperation and so on.