Confused about stereo ISO

I have an original Nissan cassette stereo in my 2 speaker 2002 Tempest and wanted it changed to a CD stereo......simple?

Well, I took it to my local car shop and purchased a panasonic - the shop guys were to fit it. The first ISO they tried was a generic nissan one - it fit but no joy with sound. The shop guy ordered in a different one the 4 speaker one, which I could see his reasoning as there are two connection points behind the original stereo (which he said is what you normally find with 4 speaker models). So I took the car back a week later and the part didn't even fit.

He has now ordered me a 2 speaker ISO - but the catalogue picture shows this as a single connector (the longer) where mine has a longer and shorter connection. So I guess I'm asking has anyone come across this problem - if he tries to connect the stereo with only one part plugged in I can't imagine it working. I was hoping for some advice so that when I go this satuerday I might be able to provide some advice as he said if this doesn't work he could cut/connect the wires one by one, but i don't fancy that - surely there's an easier answer?

Sorry my description may be a little incoherent - but those who've seen these ISO's will hopefully understand what i mean.:blush:

Many thanks.

mean micra
the two bits (Longer/Shorter) work together diferently on the back of different stereos... but will fit fine in a iso block made for your nissan...

for example i have two standard head units out of two micras that have diferent cominations of the two piece iso...

on one there side-by-side and the other one on top of the other...

tell em it Grounds through the aerial, if they dont already know...

dont worry easy job really


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dont cut the wires, causes more problems than its worth, the iso adapter you need is a PC-2-13-4 that will work straight away. and if it does not then the stereo is at fault.



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Cutting wires doesn't cause problems unless you don't know what you are doing, I have always cut off original wiring and replaced with ISO blocks.
And as it'd be a professional doing it there wouldn't be any problems.
When we put the PC2-13-4 in my car there was an earth problem (Earth wire went into nothing) but we just piggybacked it and earthed it on the player mounting.


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for that age micra it'll be one of three adapters, the nissan two speaker one, the nissan four speaker one or the renault adapter, honestly they should have had at least two of those in stock! Given the late age of the car I'd have gone out and tried the renault adapter first which I think is the part quoted by a few people above (been a few years since I used to fit stereos for a living :p)
When we put the PC2-13-4 in my car there was an earth problem (Earth wire went into nothing) but we just piggybacked it and earthed it on the player mounting.
You can't remeber which one by anychance? I pulled the black one out of the block and tried it with the end touching the metal harness but it showed no signs of life.

1) Took car back this weekend - he tried fitting it with the above ISO - and it worked, great. Disconnected to sort out the mounting then re-connected - got power but no sound. Lots of fiddling studying the wires (2 hours) and he thought it wasn't worth cutting the wires as it ought to be working as it was and he said he would contact Nissan helpline to get to bottom of this.

2) my old stereo was slotted back in, but I noticed that it was not a good radio signal and assumed the aerial had not been put back properly. I tried to pull my old stereo out to correct it but like a total 'nana I pulled the face off it (its not a face-off stereo) and broke it for good! So I now have no stereo at all.

I could cry - this has been going on for a month now - the only result being I now have no stereo (and I have long commutes to work in silence!!!).


What is going on??
Sadly my stereo is still not working - I tried to fit it this morning - used a screw to pin the black earth down to the original stereo fixing point. I did get it to work for a minute, but had to adjust the earth as I'd only attached it quite loosly. After that no sound again. Tried and tried and tried again - sucuring the earth wire nicely - but no luck.

Not sure if it a coincidence with the earth when it worked first time - because would there be power (but no sound) if it was the earth?

I feel I need to take it a specialist but afraid of the costs, so my final post here to see if a browser can help?!

Thanks, Claire.fwn