Compression springs For Cat to Down pipe

Hi i'm looking to find sizes for the compressions springs for the bolts at the catalytic converter as they were not present in the kit I recently bought if you know the size.

22.5mm X 18mm pack of 6

This is what I'm looking at. The maximum I can go to is around 18mm and if I go with 15mm or 16mm probably wont fit onto the bolt or maybe it would screw over the flange of the bolt unsure really.

hopefully they fit without being too wide on the bolt I'm totally unsure of the height needed but think half of the height may be fine these are just about half the height of the bolt part where the spring should be.
Just need to confirm now that the inner diameter is 18mm so it can reach the bottom of the bolt.

The bolt it fits on looks like this and after viewing the area I noticed they seemed to be missing compression springs. Previously got a kit excluding them as I didn't think they would be needed this is the best image i have of the bolt.
They are there to give the exhaust flexability.
If they are actually present by the look of the spacer that was used. They would be too short cause that bit is not ment to be on the bolt as far as im aware.

Just need these it seems


This is the item that I think matches for the part. No image so lots of confusion in the long search.
Spring, exhaust pipe EMB018 EuroFlo
Genuine Top Quality Replacement New

Gonna be fun removing them by the looks of it

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Just took another look to make sure and what do you know. The springs are in place but still they look rather short and have been packed with Large nuts used as spacers..
Thanks for the info.
After searching high and low,being told the part isn't compatible even when I had the part number from an exploded diagram.
Decided I would give euro car part another look.
They do this spring it was cheap enough and I know its the right one even though its not original it is aftermarket.
Maybe I had seen this but was avoiding as its the klarius brand and the gasket I got previous from was a total waste of time being gigantic.
Anyhow I'm sure that fits on the cat someplace. As I would not have gotten had it been for the ford C max that I do not own..

So I been thinking when this manifold comes off. I may try to tidy it up before replacement.
Not going to go all out on it. Just a wire wheel and fine file to flatten the head smooth.
With the aim to tidy it up nice and not stand out too much against the heatsheild.
I really wanted to get the lower one for cat but have not seen any about recently.
Plan is to try put my own on that if its not too complicated to bolt on that is.
In my quest to find them I stumbled across a few tasteful exhaust back boxes that seem to have the same flange fitting.
They look a lot better that the down sweep pipe and a lot are stainless steel.
Some are expensive while others are not so bad.
Worth a look for others who are struggling to find one that looks good without having to cut and weld.
Edit:-Almost Forgot to mention Nissan Cube..