Coilpack CG10 vs CGA3 and exhaust question

Hello, my name is Marian and I'am from Czech Republic. I recently picked up 2002 k11 with CG10. I plan to completely rebuild it and raise horsepower using ITB's from Suzuki gsxr600, my power goal is around 130hp (obviously ITB's are not going to be the only perfomance mod) and I was wondering if CGA3 swap is worth it or should I stick with CG10.

When it comes to exhaust is 2inch good enough or 2,5inch is gonna be better for my power goal and what companies do you guys know that make full exhaust systems and exhaust manifolds?

Thanks for answers.
CGA3 is always worth it. The cg10 pistons might fit into it and raise the compression. (I know its possible with the dizzy 1.0 pistons into the dizzy 1.3)

2" should be fine for 140hp or so and Gizfab has some nice stuff.