Hi there!

So the other day on a long trip (one of many recently) the check engine light came on. I bought a cheap diagnostic tool/code reader off eBay and it actually works (impressed).

It shows these 4 codes...

P0340 - Description: Crankshaft Position Sensor A Bank 1 Circuit Malfunction
P0011 - Description: Camshaft Position Actuator A Bank 1 Timing Over Advanced

Then P0340 Again (?)


U1001 (Not in the booklet but Google says: Invalid or missing data for primary LD)

The car doesn't behave any differently really other than a strange noise when starting (kind of a buzz) but goes once started. Car has maybe lost some acceleration power but not majorly. Idles fine, drives fine.

Any advice on the likely cause, what to check first etc is greatly appreciated.

Reluctant to take to a garage and willing to give anything a go, but need a bit of directing on where to start, don't want to be 'stabbing in the dark' replacing parts and hoping it sorts it.

So in my panic and haste I posted this thread without doing much research into the possible causes etc.

After some looking I'm thinking it may all be down to a worn timing chain. Does that sound about right to anyone?

Car is '03 and has no history, but I assumed if it hadn't already had the chain replaced when we bought it (@92K miles) then it wouldn't be working. How many miles did the bad timing chains typically last for? If it is the chain ours is giving up at a bit over 102K.

This happening when we're moving house in 2 weeks is a nightmare. If only it could've waited until we'd moved and got a garage to keep it in while attempting repair (although that'd mean buying an engine hoist!). Hate admitting defeat!

On another note, looking for another decent one a.s.a.p!

Found a '05 160sr very local at what seemed a too good to be true price (and so the case!)
Looked at it last night, gorgeous car, lovely metallic orangey/reddish, very sporty looking and bodywork was in great shape as was the interior.

Didn't start! The ad didn't mention that! Apparently serviced last month and best part of a years mot. Engine light came on, had my trusty cheap code reader and showed p0444 and p1122, something to do with throttle body and evap?

Question is, would those issues be easy/cheap to fix and able to do quickly? Probs not an option but it was such a nice car!


Edit: That 160SR is now on eBay!

People are selling just those 16" alloys for that much! Apparently he's changed the throttle body & maf sensor, which helped but now doesn't start after been sat for 2 weeks. If I wasn't moving soon I'd buy it and have it fixed!
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