Clutch Release Judder / Thumping

Hopefully someone is able to enlighten me :).

I notice on a 2007 Micra (which has done 120k miles) that if you don't give the car more revs than I have usually found needed to move a car - even a low powered one (approx 2-2.2k rpm even on the flat)) that the clutch (or maybe something else) causes vibrations and a sort of juddering noise. Any ideas? I have found that if you intentional let the clutch slips a bit more by releasing the clutch slower than usual it's not as bad. It is a similar effect to if you dump a clutch too soon in other cars or if you let a car go too slow in a high gear.

The clutch doesn't appear to slip if you go for a vigorous start or if you apply lots of revs between change, nor if you put it in a high gear from low revs. Biting point isn't high (around middle of travel or maybe a little lower).

Even on lower powered cars than this I have never seen a car need so many revs unless on a hill. Most cars should be able to set off just on the clutch (even if a bit poorly), however there is no chance this car will do that without shaking the engine out.
Sound like you may need a new clutch soon, as the clutch wears and the diaphram plate weakens you get this type of juddering effect, just replaced my Suzuki one for doing the same. It's not imminent but come summer you may want to think about changing them.:unsure: