Clear Rear Light clusters


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Hi there, great to finally find a dedicated Micra site! :laugh:

Does anyone know if you can buy clear rear light clusters for the K10?

I want change it so that my rear indictors aren't orange but white with orange blubs. I've been experimenting in Photoshop and it looks really good, any ideas???

Also, does anyone know of a good site to buy K10 part from - i really want to get a K10 spoiler from somewhere...




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quickdraw was looking into getting some custom ones made havnt had a progress update for a while tho..........................


other than that no you cant buy em mate as for spoilers etc your best bet is to hunt round some scrap yards or keep your eyes peeled in the buy and sell section.

p.s. wecome :D

I have a contact looking into light clusters, i'l have a word and see if theres any updates :)

there was talk at one point about about renault 19 lights fitting but i dont think anyone tried it!!! :laugh:

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I have an idea for some rear lights. Will probably take some modifying and I'm not sure how they will fit but I reckon they will be pretty close. :)


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my lights should hopefully be with me very soon and on fitted for donny car show. so keep your eyes peeled all will be revealed after that. not revealing ne thing untill it final but the plan is there and they wiill be on for donny :D