Clear out of stuff


I love Ed!!!!
Going to clear out alot of stuff 9 own, this thread will be updated tomorrow with prices and more stuff.


** 5.25" mid-bass speakers, these are new and unused. Will be good for making a 3 way component set in a car -£20

** DLS R6A components, bought these recently of Sir Pete off here and they sound amazing. -£95

** Fibre Glass door pods and A-pillars -£45

** 2 Powerbass 10DS.2 subs, these are brand new and never been powered. Very very capable subs. These can be supplied either in an Isobaric ported box or in their original packaging -£60 each or £110 for both

** 12" Pioneer TSW305C sub in a sealed enclosure. -£25

** 6.5" Clarion Mids, no tweeters or crossovers. These fit in standard K11 door pockets. -£1

** MB Quartz RSC216 Reference speakers, these have been repaired as the glue holding the cone down come unstuck. -£30

Micra Related Bits

** SR interior, complete -£40

** Front and rear black plastic bumpers -£10 for both

** K&N 57i -£10

** March rear lights -£40

** Clear side repeaters -£9

** OEM parcel shelf with speaker grills -£10

** Book about the history of the Nissan Micra, imported from Canada -£6

** Possibly an L reg K11 Super S with Gti-r alloys. If you want some info then contact me privately and I will give you all the info. To let you know the car has 94k miles, 1yrs MOT and tax till October. See my blog thread for more info. -£offers around 500

Everything else

** 2.5 Pint Homer Simpson glass, new, unused and still boxed -£3

** Bubble machine, again new and unused. According to the box this can work on 240v and 12v -£5

** 20gb laptop hard drive in a USB caddy. -£20

** Samsung 912n 19" TFT monitor, this offer 8ms response rate and is a beautiful screen. Recently upgraded to a 26" screen so no longer needed. -£50

** Cambridge Audio soundworks PC speakers. This is a 4.1 set-up but I always used it as a 2.1, the speakers are small 2x2 inch cubes. Very sexy and discret speakers with powerful sub -£10

** Timberland Hoodie, new and unworn. Bought it, washed it, and then decided to lose weight so is way too big for me. Skinny people need not apply as it easily a 55-60" chest hoodie. -£25

** Nokia N73, was originally on 3 but now unlocked to all networks. Would say condition is 8.5/10 as there are 3 small chips in the silver, however compared to other N73's I have seen this one is in pristine condition. Comes boxed -£45 or 50, will explain later

** Nokia N70 currently locked to 3 but can be unlocked for a bit extra. Comes with a 512mb memory card but no box. -£25

** Battery powered RC car, have several batteries and spare parts. Will dig it out if there is interest and catalogue, -£make me an offer when I know what it is

** USB free view stick with aerial and software. Misplace packaging but have all parts. -£10

** powerball -£lost the string so will sort out later

** Baileys limited edition Ice shaker -£4

** 5m lengths of speaker cable -£1 a run

** An amusing miniature orange cone that says 'Don't go in there for 10 minutes' -£2

** Jack Daniels Limited edition 125th birthday wall clock -£10

** Jack Daniels wall plaque -£8

** Bang & Olufsen BeoCom 2600 Phone, very swish and stylish corded phone. Blue in colour -£60

** Inflatable double bed, used 2-3 and now just gathering dust. Comes with rechargeable air pump. -£10

** Computer parts, internal DVD writer, internal CD writer -£4 for the DVD writer and £2 for the cd writer


I will say this now, all price I quote will NOT include postage unless I state so, I can help you find a cheap courier and can book this on your behalf. If you wish to collect anything this can be done from the North London area, St. Albans, Stevenage and any area in-between. Please don't make silly offers as I will ignore them. I am willing to post outside of the UK but this will be at your cost.

No paypal, unfortunately too many bad experiences with it, unless you give me a desperate plea and offer to pay all my fees I may consider using it.

I am happy to take cash, bank transfer, cash and cheque. Only condition wit the cheque is that I will wait at a minimum of 10 days after the cheque has cleared before posting or collection.


And the Wide Green Bug
hey Mike, any more details on the "Nokia N73"?? says boxed, so charger, software, mini sd card?? price aswell? pm me if easier or i can pm you!



I love Ed!!!!
pictures of the march lights, Nokia N73 and some random pedals i found in the cuboard over the weekend.

I have difficulties logging into the msc at the moment but i can respond to emails on [email protected]. Please use this as your first point of contact with me, however i have 2 rules

1. Please put your user name into the message otherwise i won't be able to tally the message to the msc.

2. If i get spam them the email address will be killed.


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I love Ed!!!!
Is the monitor in a good working condition, and what's it's maximum resolution?

When I stopped using it, there were no burnt out pixels and it was in perfert condition. The monitor is a Samsung 913n,"+Flat+Panel+TFT+Monitor+/+Silver

Interested in the K&N and possibly the R/C car. What car is it?

The RC car i don't know, it's electric and thats it. I won't be able to dig it out of the garage until the weekend when i go home, if you need more information please email me on [email protected]