Classic car shows

Looking to the preservation of our Micras there are now Classic Car Shows that cater for cars made before 2000, which the K10 & K11 now come into this category.

Previously these were pre 1960, 1970, & 1980. They are mainly static events but a good source of promoting up and coming classics.

The following link is for shows throughout the UK that's caters for cars made before 2000. Whether they are immaculate or well used daily drivers.
So maybe there are members here that would be interested.

I have no link to the organisation listed.
About 3 hours south for me to get there I'm up Newcastle way
I do fancy some shows as I haven't been to any in years

We used to do a lot of local meets early 2000s but that seems to have died a death it was fun going go karting paintballing etc

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