Cherry bomb k11???

Talked to a friend who had a k11 he said fitting a cherrybomb was a pain and took alot of cutting ect. Anyone got any photos of there set up so I can get a rough idea of what it should look like?
When I do my backboxs
jack the car up would say on the axle and take the o/s rear wheel off , I chop were the pipe meats the backbox, using a axle stand to hold the mid pipe up about were it normally sits ,offer up the new backbox, or add an extension and offer up,
then other then the rear mounts I would at the 3rd that sits almost in the inner arch, (it helps
Tac it together or clamp it
I made one from a cherrybomb style resonator from a terrano and m6 thread bar mounts, second one is a 3.5 fart can, with extension (3rd mount welded on there) and then a homemade clamp mount on the car and clamped the pipes,