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Cherry -82 , Sunny -86


K11 Blackmask
Here is some story of the two oldies that i´ve been grown into :)

The Cherry N12 -82 i bought from my friend ~10years back, has been so long with me that i cannot really be thinking of selling it anymore.

Ended up being really at the bottom (ice rallying car etc ) , until my friend saved it , he made massive work with welding the whole floor panels and changed all the doors and hood etc because old ones were wasted.
After he sold it to me, i changed the interior to Sgl version one with the sport seats and blue/black panels and other black bits and black floor mat.
Nowadays i think the car does not have nothing much original, except roof and some other parts of the body cage.
I had massive hifi-installations in it at some point, now there is not even a radio.

Suspension has h&r lowering springs and kyb black gas shocks, in interior there is momo mats/gear knob/boot leather/pedals/mats/belt harnesses and a "bride" steering wheel. Also some oil pressure and voltage meters.
Engine is E16 with E15 head, and some other little mods but overall pretty stock.
Originally N12 did not have E16 at it´s line up, mostly they were here with E13 and E15 engines. (1.3 and 1,5 in litres.)

In outside it has some mods besides the 10years old paint job and other oldschool mods which were made at that time to clean the overall look.
Bumpers are bigger ones from a facelift N12,as are mask and front/rear lights.
I´ve modded the front parking lights that now they also have the side blinkers (facelift should have the nipple ones in the fenders).
In front there is a oil cooler hanging out too, besides with the gti golf lip spoiler.
In rear there is a ducktail spoiler from a N12 turbo cherry.
Exhaust has a simons backbox with diy tailpipe.

Cherry has been in use only at summer for the last ~8 years, sadly i´ve not had the time for it this year but hopefully next summer i get some time to get it rolling again!

Recent rims were 16" Kosei´s but they are sold and i have some 13" Enkei meshs waiting for some polishing ;)

Few shots from the years!



K11 Blackmask
And then the other old Nissan which still hangs around , the Sunny B11 Wagon -86.

It was pretty much scrapper material when i bought it 4years back, paid 50eur from it.
There was rust holes everywhere ,in doors and everywhere in the floor and under the battery +many other places...but after starting the job in spring i painted the lower part of the car in the night just before Jae in end of august.
The point was to bring it alive at a minimum costs and with a hard work, and i did everything myself of course ;)
There sure was much welding, but thats simple.
There was also lots of other things to repair/modify, example the front wing had a rust hole in front part so i just made some "cool air intake holes with mesh" in there.
Ripped down the interior too of course,and put there some sound systems and better Sgl-N12 front seats. Springalex sports wheel from 70´s and a piston gear knob was added also.

The hifi´s are: Xetex Vector 6channel amp/JL-Audio 8inch sub/LG mp3/cd/rds head unit/Dls 6.5 basic mids+tweeters in doors/dash.

Engine in the Sunny is the all reliable E15 1.5 litre gasoline powerhouse, all it needed was basic servicing (timing belts and fluids etc) ....i think it has about 220tkm at the clock now.
New battery and other bits along with cooler which was already badly rotten.

Outside the car there is gti golf lip spoiler, along with the sgl sunny chrome front mask and chrome metallic door handles.
I added bulletlike chrome wing mirrors also, just one of my crazy ideas at the middle of the night but they fit there nicely :)
You really dont see from them anything, but my head still turns so...

Chopped springs have been under the car with the 8cm ground clearance, when i have the time i´ll change the setup to some real lowering springs with a small cut maybe.

In the second summer after the car being "ready" , we drove from Helsinki to Nordkapp (Norway) with it.
We had just a week time, so it was basically all days just driving. The Nordkapp was awesome place , i recommend to everyone as a small road trip ;)
It is as much North as you can go by road in Europe, i think.
I had 5 thousand kilometers in the clock in that week , but it was worth every mile :) ...not even sore ass, those sgl-seats are truly good!
And the B11 worked like a clock of course. Brakes were in tight spot few times for sure!

Few pics follow, from the starting point to the Nordkapp and some randoms also.

Sunroof is nice, does not even leak!! Adjustable and all.
Micra things started already happening at that time, we were getting the B11 with my girlfriends K10 rustbucket :) ...nowadays that K10 is in parts so in a way living still.

Some work starting, this was the way for about a month.

Getting it done, all the primed spots had holes and more was still to come ;)

And this is how it looked after the working.

Some Bridgestone rims posing...and the interior.

Winter sleeping!

Few shots from Norway. We slept in the sunny all the nights at that week, truly some road trip.

Finally some recent pic,rolling with some ATS rims and scrub scrub.