Check engine light problem

Bought a W plate Micra 1.0S a couple of months ago from a local garage.

Its a really nice car, low mileage, goes really well and the engine runs really sweetly. But, am having having trouble with the check engine light.

Soon after I had the car, the check engine light came on. The car was under warranty (3 months), so the dealer fixed the problem by changing the oxygen sensor.

Then a couple of days later, the check engine light came on again. I took the car back to the dealer who has fixed the problem. He said that the original sensor was faulty and he has replaced it again.

BUT, I think that they have just fiddled it so that the light no longer works and haven't fixed the underlying problem (the check engine light no longer comes on when the ignition is switched to position 2). Is there a bulb they could take out to do this ?

Also, what else apart from the O2 sensor could cause the check engine light to come on ? Could it be the MAF or the ECU ? It must be something expensive or they wouldn't have disabled the dash light.

Thanks in advance...


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realy cheap code reader for your facelift micra from that auction site
then you can question the dealership??