Changing Steel Wheel (Properly)

My rather elderly dad has a 2009 Micra 1.2. A couple of weeks ago when visiting him I noticed that on one of his front steel wheels the rim was badly pushed in. He told me that he'd badly kerbed it. I bought a second hand 14" steel wheel from fleabay which I was told came from a K12 car (2003 -10), and then had a brand new tyre fitted. My dad lives some distance away and by the time that I got to visit him it was dark.

I noticed when fitting the new wheel that it didn't seat well on the central lipped hub (about 3 or 4inches wide) but I tightened up the four bolts. The wheel didn't initially appear to sit flush against the hub.

I've never had a car with wheel bolts before, only cars with wheel nuts. I'm now worried that I didn't fit it properly or that the wheel might have come from a K11 car, which I understand doesn't fit properly on a K12 hub. I've looked at photos of new steel wheels and noticed that by the 4 main bolt holes there's a much smaller hole. Should I have mounted that small hole on a small stud, which I didn't spot because it was dark ?
14 inch wheel should have a cb size of 60.1 this would sit over the hub center with only slight movement.
I have posted a recent link to a web page what shows original part numbers for various k12 wheels both steel and alloy.
There are also aftermarket wheels available.
Sometimes the eBay seller lists an item wrong. So you should always double check that you have correct item that will fit.
Usually best to measure the bolt gap and center bore size they should match or be as close as possible to the original wheels.
And secondly you should also look up part number for the wheel you purchased to ensure correct fitment before installation.
This would not only make sure you have the right one but also give you the knowledge of what you actually are buying/fitting to a vehicle..

I recently purchased a 15inch wheel myself as I want to have full sized spare.
With the option of changing over to steel wheels in the near future.
I found that its probably best just to buy new ones as they are not that much more expensive.
These however are not branded as Nissan original items but look to be good quality.

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