Changing instrument cluster

Hi everyone :)

I'm new to these forums, although i've been back and fore for quite a while following some members blogs and getting inspiration for my own. I might start a blog of mine at some point.

I have a 2002 1.0 Tempest, and I really want to change the instrument cluster as I want a rev counter on mine.

I've used the search function, but only managed to find posts about the pre-facelift models. I read a thread about someone fitting the green cluster from an SR into their car without much trouble, but was wondering how easy would it be to change it on the facelift as i've found a set from a 2000 1.3 micra i want.

As they're digital like mine, will it be a straight swap or will i have to mess around with any wiring to get the rev counter to work? I've never tried any wiring/electronics so don't want to try myself and get it wrong, unless someone could give me a little help/instructions on how to.

Thanks all :)