CGA3DE Gearbox with GA16DE flywheel

Seeing that my engine is almost ready im starting to collect stuff to swap it. While the engine is out i have a good opportunity to swap the gearbox if this is easy.
I like the gearbox of a CGA3DE because it runs at lower RPM at highway speeds.
But before i start collecting all the stuff and find out it wont fit id rather ask for advise first.

I know the gearbox should fit but what do i need for the swap? I have a GA16 flywheel and clutch going on the engine (CG13 head and CGA3 bottom). What starter do i need? The CG13 one i assume? And what about driveshafts? 1.4 ones?

So in short:
What starter do i need to use with the GA16 flywheel and CGA3DE box?
What driveshafts can i use?
Does it all fit?