Event: CG13 on bike carbs, progress


Wish i could figure out how to post these pics up properly!!!

Making slow progress but winter is here...more time to play ;)
Engine is cg13, 37,000km..hardly run in...lol. Box/car is toyota, purely because they handle better for our needs and parts are far cheaper. Toyota box means i can run gt turbo lsd if i need to in future and besides, there is a much broader range of gearing to choose from.

Undecided as to what cams to use yet, am just going to get it up and running with a good 4 branch and megajolt jr controlling the sparks...will see how it goes and what mods to do from there
Not as much as you might think! No need for full width adaptor plate, only a 8mm flat plate with 2 holes to pick up original top bell housing bolts and 2 blind bolts which pick up the 2 original toyota holes. this 8mm is taken out of the bellhousing for about 4''. The web at the back of the cg engine is removed to allow fitment of the toyota starter as this is fed from the back of the box. The 2 lower spars/ bellhousing holes are filled in and the re-drilled to pick up the toyota pattern (which is roughly 5mm out). The input shaft on the toyota box is shortened by 4mm, this still allows full movement of the release bearing on its shaft. The flywheel needs very minor work to allow the toyota bendix to engage properly

I bought this engine already converted but the previous owner had destroyed the clutch in less than 3 laps!!!! He said it was very quick but didnt bother trying to find out what happened. I bolted up a box i modified using his original adaptor and found that when i removed the release bearing fork to get a better view, the input shaft was a good 5mm out of line with the flywheel centre of the cg!!! , god knows how he even got it to go together. It took a couple of hours to get it to where i was happy, i cant split the box yet until i have it drilled and dowelled to be sure it goes back exactly the same.

The beauty of the toyota bellhousing is that it can accomodate 90% of the toyota range of boxes and is reletivley simple to change, this means i only have to adapt 1 bellhousing....and hope i dont break it!!

Biggest problem i have is that in order to allow the cg to sit at somewhere near its original tilt i have to drop the back of the box by 10mm.....doesnt sound much but, i then fitted my TRD coilovers (very trick fully adjustable, pillowball mounts etc) i was left with 1.5'' of ground clearance between the diff and terra firma hahahaha. Will need plenty of suspension setup to get everything right....going to be a long winter of hardship!!