Central locking

Hi people just wondering if any of you have my problem.My Micra is the 2000 model.The central locking has not worked since I bought the car second hand in 2014.When I press the key fob the indicators flash and there is a clicking sound as if everything is working perfectly.But I have to use the key to enter the car has anyone got the Micra wiring diagram.Or any of you knowledgeable people help me fix it.Thanks guys for any help you may give me.

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There is a central locking unit somewhere that controls the locking. This is NOT the keyless unit. the keyless unit is a seperate unit.
In a LHD the central locking unit is near the stearing wheel. I dont know where this is in a RHD micra.

Also there are actuators in the door itself. These are in the doorcatch thingie in the door. You can disconnect them and measure if they get some power if you press the lock or unlock button.
It makes no difference the car failed it's NCT on rust mechanically perfect so she has to go to the breakers.The best car I have ever driven never let me down.It has brand new tyres it had an oil/filters change.

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