Central Locking strange problem



hi there,
my mum has a 2001 k11, just a week ago it developed a problem, the central locking locks the doors by itself.
i.e. when you open the car and get in, when you shut the door behind you, the doors all lock, if you unlock them manualy they will lock again with seconds.
meaning you have to be very quick or you will be stuck in the car.
is this a common problem and can it be fixed without taking it to nissan?
also is there a separate fuse for the central locking so i can disabble it before i get it fixed?
any help would be great
Yeh Classic problem. I had this same exact problem few months ago.
Its definetely one of your actuators or more maybe (dont let anybody else tell you otherwise).
You got actuators (the motor if you like) in every door, and when they get wet/damp they go mental just like you describe.

So basically you need a new actuator which you can either give to Nissan and get charged your life savings, well which in my opinion is the only option if you aint one to get your hands dirty. I payed them £200 to do it, money badly spent but time well saved. :) plus its covered for a year so if it was to play up again they will fix it for free.

or you could buy a brand new actuator from Nissan (dont know about scrapyard cos how will you ever know if its gotten wet or not??) and fit it yourself.

You can disconnect the central locking. Stick your head under the drivers steering wheel and youll see a black box. You will see 2 white connectors going into it (one slighltly wider than the other) Now as if you was sitting in the car lookin forwards, pull out the connector on the left (might take a bit of effort) and thats it. That your CL disabled till you sort it out.