Central Locking - Grinding Noise

Hi All,

Its been a while.

I've been gifted a K12 1.2 by my wonderful father in law to be following the demise of our useless MG ZR (Headgasket failure, with clutch failure and other problems)

Anyway, the central locking mechanism on the drivers door makes a strange grinding noise when locking. It still locks but the noise is a bit annoying. Is this a common problem & is there an easy fix?

Also the rear wiper only work occasionally but after some research on here it may be faulty wiring which i will look into at the weekend.

Its great to be back to the micra clan as we now have a K11 and K12 in the household. Out of my 6 cars i've owned since passing, 4 have now been micras. Cant stay away!
Yes this is a common fault and requires a new lock actuator unit. Same has happened to my k12 but I have not fixed it yet, your looking at £150 for the part from Nissan. I'm searching now and then on eBay as they are around £30-£50 although I always wonder if they are faulty but I never really find one for the drivers door.

Good luck :)