carb question!



This may seem like a dumb question to some of you, could someone please tell me the model number of the stock hitachi carb.

Is there one that comes standard on all the micras, or does it change with years and transmission type etc.?? I am about 50% sure that it's DCH306-**, but I havn't had the carb off yet to check. I'm looking for a carb rebuild kit, and need to narrow my search down so I can buy the kit tomorrow and start this rebuild as my weekend project.

Also same question for the starter (with Manual trans.), I'm told there is a hitachi one and a mitsubishi one. ??

BTW for general knowledge: The car (red one) started twice (yesterday, without "ZZIINNGGing", so whoever said it was the solenoid, thank you, I think it just got tired, and wimped out (I'll buy a new one when I get around to it)!



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The stock carb is a Hitachi DCZ 306-81. ps. Consider signing up for official membership. There is alot more techy stuff than you see now.