Car wouldnt start



Hi again,my Micra wouldnt start this morning after driving around for a while,it is a 1.3 cvt.I think I left it in D when I got out for a few minutes(engine off),when I got back in and tried to start it,nothing,not a would not turn over,just like trying to start it in gear,no clicks from the starter,all the lights on the dash on as they should be,a full battery.I think it was the inhibitor switch on the auto box sticking so I went through all the gears a few times to try to unstick it,no joy,so out came the RAC.As I could see the RAC coming down the road towards me I tried the engine and the bloody thing started,anyway,the guy had a look at it and he thought the same as me,told me to get underneath it at home and douse the switch in wd40.It turned out when I had a look that the switch is on top of the gearbox so I drowned everything in wd40.Its still working at the moment,anyone else had trouble like this or any tips on how to fix or a "getyouhome" tip?Thanks,Kevin.