Car running so rough

Afternoon everybody, Rite i spent last nite painting up various engine parts (exhaust manifold, and re painted cam cover etc). I also removed the rev limiter mod as i didnt think i was gaining much from it. Prior to this the car was running fine.
I re-assembled everything this morning and started itup, Firstly it sounded as though it was running on 3 cylinders. But after checking, it was actually running on all 4 just real rough. So ive just took it for a drive. It pulls all the way to the limiter in 1st,2nd and 3rd gear but takes ages to get there, and pulling out of junctions is painfull as there really is no power there:p. As soon as i hit 60 mph the car doesnt go any faster. Now the only thing i can think of is its something ive done when removing/replacing the distributor when removing the limiter mod. Anybody have any ideas??? I'll soon be changing to a cg13 engine but wasnt planning on swapping them until next month really. Sorry for the long read but i tried to include as much detail as i could to help paint a picture(Y). Thank you

Im sure the holes on the dizzy are elongated so that the timing is adjustable. You may have inadvertantly altered the timing.
Did you remove any induction parts?, you may have got an air leak?
Thanks for the replies, no induction parts were removed and it isnt an air leak. I was thinking a timing issue but all ive done is remove the dizzy, remove the tape blanking the little square, and then replace the dizzy. I didnt think timing could have messed with just by doing this??


Well last night i played around abit, removed the distributor etc and put it back on again. Ran fine after that:p. Wish i'd done this before lol, thanks for the help though(Y)