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Car Cuts out randomly then restarts. K12 ,1.2 S 2003

I have a K12 ,1.2 S 2003 and has about 80,000 miles. Was all fine then had the orange engine malfunction light come on.
Then about month later went off. Then came back on about week later and stayed on. I checked all things like oil etc but
then lived with it. I then had a new exhaust pipe fitted and a new air horn (which needed high rated fuse (as the 10 amp one
blew) Thats all ive had done to it other than servicng etc.

Now about 2 months later (after the new exhaust etc) I have random cut outs of the engine. I say random but 9 times out of
10 in morning I will start the car and leave it idling. You can hear and see it is fluctuating and drops from say 1,000 rpm to 1500rpm
and back and forth. Then I will drive it and most, not all ,times it will cut out before end of my road. No splutter nothing, just cuts out.

Lights ,battery seems fine. Battery llght and other lights come on and a strange flashing red car light on console which may be key
(I mean important by "key") if I knew what it meant ?. I am now wondering whether it is a faulty NATS/ ECU causing this, but then why
so random ? Then if I wait say a minute (if I try too quickly it will not start just turns over)
I can start it again , drive another 200 yards maybe and cuts out again. Start it again and then drive and then usually can be OK for as
long as it wants to be, then again 5-10-20 miles later with no rhyme or reason MAY just cut out again. No hesitation, no splutter just
cuts out and I then roll. I have tried bumping it again to start it with the motion but it wont. It is soooo random, on ocassion it has not
cut out for 20 miles even in morning start, so it really is very random. It is very clean cut out ,no warning nothing.

Any ideas ?

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