Can't get front disk off

The Haynes manual optimistically suggests to put an M8 bolt through the hole in the disk and slowly tighten it to pull it away from the hub. Only problem is my disk appears to have no such hole :(. The car is 2001 and with only 25,000 miles on the clock so I guess they've been on there a decade.

I sprayed some penetrating oil into the back and decided to leave it overnight, but if that doesn't work what are my options? If I try to bash it will I mess up my tracking/wheel alignment?



the disc should just pull off if you have taken off the caliper etc. give it a nudge from behind with a rubber mallet.
(unless i am missing something, frank etc...)


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Tracking will be fine. Just hit it on the chunky inner section (hitting towards the car) between where the thread studs stick out, do all 4 gaps in a diagonal pattern (one quarter followed by the one opposite and not next to). Give it plenty of hits, about 6 or so and then gently tap the rear of the disk (on it's breaking surface), rotate it as you do so and it should flop off and drop on your nuts... ouch :doh:


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the disk is just sitting on the hub there should be nothing holding it on, unless you have left the caliper on,


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When i removed mine they were so rusted stuck i had to use a big hammer...######ed my old discs but they came off.

If yours is the same all you can do is try and convince it slowly to come off...maybe try a bit of heat :)


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I had same problem wihen I had a K11. I was lucky my neighbour had a big disc puller thing, the disc was actually flexing before it came off :wow:. I always smear copper grease over the hub when I change discs now.


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The get stuck around the centre bore, wire brush and a few nudges sees them off so long as the caliper is removed :)
Job done

I did as Porkpie said, tapping in different places with a lump hammer and it came off with a bit of rocking back and forth. It was definitely stuck around the centre bore, as Stani guessed, since the back of the disk seemed to have been greased. Will use a wire brush next time - good tip that.

Thanks for all the advice!