Cant de mist my windscreen...

hi guys as title says i cant seem to get any air from my windscreen vents no matter what position the switch control is at..only seems to blow hot air to my feet position...hope this is an easy fix or something silly...

PS. first post so please be kind as we all have to start somewhere.
Sorry peeps i shall explain a bit better...the control dial that moves the heat position from windscreen to feet makes no differance what ever position it is set at it only seems to blow heat down at my matter where the dial is set at..

hope this makes some sense now.

thanks again
We understood. There is a wire cable that runs from the control down to the air box for the heater (think of bike brake cables). On the side of the air box are levers that move the air flaps inside, and you'll probably find that cable has come off at one end, or moved in some way.