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Candy 2002 Tempest 1.0

Hi all I'm Tris and I try and do as much work as I can on the car myself decided to write new blog.
In February this year I was fortunate to find this lovely cadbury blue beauty she has a few age related marks here and there but otherwise she very tidy indeed.
Here is some pictures of her as I purchased her.​



Almost forgot. she only had 62842 miles on the clock

Not long after purchase I decided to de-badged her for a cleaner overall look.
Untitled design (4).jpg

Purchased and fitted these new gas boot struts from ebay as old ones had failed and meant the boot lid kept falling on my head.
Untitled design (7).jpg

Cleaned engine bay up a bit as look a mess unfortunately while doing so I managed to break the expansion tank.
Untitled design (8).jpg

New expansion Tank was fitted and filled with genuine L248 Premix Coolant also while I was at it painted the battery mount.

I knew Candys mot was coming up on 11th May 2018. I had Candy's rear shocks changed in preparation for her Mot she passed without any advisories.
Untitled design (9).jpg

She was serviced at serviced at 63,676 miles a week after the mot.
Untitled design (6).jpg

Rear boot handle was changed as unfortunately one of the plastic lugs on driver side snapped when did bolt up.
Untitled design.jpg

The Old Exhaust hanger had seen better days so I got a more solid one from a local breakers yard.
Untitled design (5).jpg

Changed Candy's heater resistor as her old one only worked on full power.
Untitled design (2).jpg

Untitled design (3).jpg

All Candy's interior is back in after me having to remove it so that local garage could cut out her corrosion from O/S rear chassis and O/S rear wheel arch.
Also so that they could cut out her corrosion on both her O/S and N/S rear near vents. Fabricate new metal to shape and plate weld in place.
Seal new metal and paint factory colour inside boot.​
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Candy rear arch,quarter panel drivers door and boot area were all resprayed.
All dents, corrosion etc were also removed.
Untitled design (7) (1).jpg

Untitled design (8) (1).jpg
Untitled design (9) (1).jpg
Untitled design (10).jpg

Untitled design (11).jpg

Untitled design (16).jpg

All of this work was carried out by a professional paint sprayer/panel beater with many years of experience.
Untitled design (15).jpg

Candy at a Local car meet the morning I picked her up from the body shop and had a few people compliment how tidy she looks in August.
Untitled design (5) (1).jpg

Bought some micra mud flaps few weeks after car show from local breakers yard last. Boss asked if he could fit them they improve Candy's overall look.

I sanded back this interior tailgate panel using 80,120,320,400,600 grit sandpaper due to it having deep scuff marks and scratches.

Interior boot panel in etch primer

After the etch primer had dried I wet & Dry sanded it using 400,800 grade sandpaper on Tuesday and then sprayed it with body colour.

Before Removed rear windscreen sticker.

Whilst fitting the interior boot panel back in I decided to remove the sticker that was on the rear windscreen using some Terpanol Power spray that I purchased from euro car parts.

Picked up these old skool centre caps up last month when friends garage checked Candy's battery and a few other bits just need to paint her wheels.​
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Untitled design.jpg

Was driving home Sunday night and noticed passenger side footwell mat had water on it so pulled out heater blower motor when got home it was dripping wet.It was determined that the possible cause was the green spacer/clip allowing water to leak into passenger footwell.​
Untitled design (11) (1).jpg

The wipers and plastic scuttle panel cover was removed to find out if the cause of the water leak in the footwell was due to the green plastic spacer/clip.
Once removed the whole scuttle pan area was cleaned and debris etc were removed then all the grommets were tested with a hose pipe.
It was confirmed that the passenger side green windscreen spacer was the one letting in water and a temporary fix has been applied while I wait for new clips.​
Got Candy back from friends dad garage last Friday after they removed corrosion and loose underseal from underbody and suspension members. Treated rust and sprayed with a thick coating of waxoyl.


Untitled design (1).jpg


Should keep her on the road and protected for prolonged length of time.

Picked up these 1st facelift k11 bonnet grilles up from friends breakers yard yesterday £10 for the Pair Bargain.
Untitled design (4).jpg

Removed one grille then cleaned around area where old grille used to be as was very dirty indeed.
Untitled design (2).jpg

Fitted the 1st facelift bonnet grille on one side earlier today​
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