Can someone do me a favour around Milton Keynes?

Hello everyone.

I'm afraid i'm going to do the kind of sh*t i hate, ask unkown people for favours. I've been looking for a nice spoiler for my Micra for a long time, and finally found that business, KnightRacers, that seem to be the only ones apart from Russia that make Nismo replicas. The issue is, i'm not from the UK. And as i guess you understand, this is a problem when I have a car that is rarely appreciated out from GB (and Russia, maybe).

The shipping costs the website calculates are more expensive than the parts i wanna order, and I'm afraid as a college student without work that is financially unacceptable. However, i'd love to see pretty cars out of mainland UK, increasing the quality of the community all around the world.

So, after this (bullsh*t) emotional story, i finally get to mmy point. I'm asking for someone living around Milton Keynes that could get my parts from the shop when they're made and send them to me, as i hopefully could find a cheaper way to ship them. I can't offer anything in exchange, maybe agree on a little commission so you can buy parts or drink something on me.

Sorry for this crappy post, but I have tried to find other ways of getting my hands on some nice parts but here in Spain is just impossible.