Can anyone help identifying my radio

I purchased my first micra finally on Saturday just gone , it's a 1999 jap import march , with only 88k on the clock ,one owner from new for €200😅 has some nice extras cobra alarm system, oem wind deflectors, a/c , cup holders etc , The car has a factory nissan double din still in Japanese, it also has av cables (red,yellow,white) and a power lead which imo looks to be for a psp. And TV stations of some sort ,I can't find any info online about it so any help appreciated.


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I cant tell much from the photos, but I'd suggest removing the radio and having a look at the back of it - you should be able to find some more information there, like the make, serial number etc
Because of Japan's serious traffic problems, many old japanese cars would have TVs in to watch programmes on while stuck in a standstill for half an hour - some even had karaoke! Maybe that power lead is for a microphone! (Joking)