C+C outside drivers side door won't open


I'm after some advice !

My trusty C+C has let me down!

Today I was unable to open the drivers side door. The car has central locking and opens fine from the inside.

I'm having to let myself in through the passager side!

Is this a common fault ?
i can hear the central locking motor in the door
Tried some WD40

Anyway to test the mechanism with a key rather than central locking ? Does the drivers side have the emergency entry via key?

kindest Regards
I've not used my car much over winter
Finally stripped the door down to see what the issue was.
Where the cable with bearing on the end attaches to the locking mechanism, part of metal had worn away. understandable I guess after 12 years of use. Maybe I pulled the handle to hard.

Felt odd getting in by openning. From the other side. Had I been younger I could have claimed through the window like starsky and hutch used too!