Bypass NATS 1 immobilizer, once again


I am Hardy from Germany. We have two Micra, one 1995 and one 1997, both in a good technical condition, while they are having some dents and they are minor rusty. However, the 1997 Micra belongs to my daugther, who is a student and she loves her little car. The 1995 car ia a family car and it is used for short distance rides, or if another car has to be repaired.

Nevertheless, the 1995 Micra has a NATS1 immobilizer with a defect remote controle. To buy a new one and go to a dealer to fit it to the car is too expensive, that means, it exceeds the value of the car.
Than I found some threads "How to bypass the immobilizer..." with a description, which cables of the immobilizer must be joined. So I found the immobilizer unit, joined the cables (which have exactly the colours described in an old thread and .... nothing happened :-(
The car doesn't start.

My immobilizer unit is from LUCAS. Cable colours are

I connected the cables as described and let the contacts at the immobilizer unit open. Perhaps I made something wrong.

Can anybody help me?

Of course I searched the forum. There are some old threads, from 2008 and older. But they didn't help me.

Hallo Hardy,

I am trying to do the same on my K11, I tried your link and i cannot seem to find any details, besides the main page. Can you please update the link? Danke!

Also, where is the immobilizer unit located?


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Also, where is the immobilizer unit located?
there are some primera how-to,s online