Buzz's introduction

Alright here I am, a 25yo from a place near Rotterdam the Netherlands.

I've always loved Japanese cars in quite some different styles although I always especially liked the sleeper style.

My car history:
Started driving my Nissan Almera N15 1.4 "sport".
Nice car not much to complain about except the fact it was really slow and the engine have up on me.

My second car was a impreza 1.6 sedan from 2000.
Nothing special once again but I liked the drivetrain and the awesome ride while making decent handling! After some years it was taken it was unfortunately wrecked in 2 accidents were i got rearended 2 times while waiting at a red light, even after the second one the car was still going strong but she had to go.

Then I purchased a Subaru forester sf5 2.0 turbo from 2000. It was just awesome but due to financial issues I had to sell it.

So I went looking for a awesome ecobox, as I was thinking about wat to buy i initially knew I should get a k11 Micra.

Found an awesome example, 1.3 76000km on the clock fairly decent exterior and an interior as good as new (it's ugly as balls but it's neat and clean).
I bought the car for her home and began with a service and started modding and looking for parts.

And now I'm here writing an essay to say hi.
Thanks for reading!

(No idea how to include pictures on the right place in the text)

Verstuurd vanaf mijn SM-G930F met Tapatalk