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bumblebee 1999 inspiration 1.3

So somthing I've been putting off for 2 years now is this bit of rot ,
Anyways recent months it's gotten much worse so chopped it out just leaving the skin and cleaned up
Treated ,and painted up (it's painted yellow aswell now) hopefully should last abit , I got a spare panel somewhere to repair it with
And just some other pics lol

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Forgot about this but I went to download in June
So did a quick clean and sorted the driver's door rattle with some home barigins sound insulator sheet behind the speaker and cracked door handle,
Seen another 1.3 inspiration , last reg was amo which made me smile cause I came down playing amo by bmth ,
But yeah at the end of the muddy field was rather amused that bumblebee and a few other micras were just floating about like nothing lol,
And the car next to me got stuck and covered it lol
390miles on a tank in a week meh but it wasn't full and the fuel gauge then showed after putting some fuel in it could have gone to 400, just the gauge can act weird

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The old wheels Re looking Bit dull aged and some minor curbing so thought to start getting them done
Going to do them in brilliant silver is almost like a candy apple base coat , it does look well I did a Kawasaki ar125 in it with 4 coats of laquer on it
So back on with the original wheels with the contis on to get them used up, those are 185/60/14 on stock rims and original spec trims , looks ok ,

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After been told this wouldn't last it's holding up well , even the normal paint with 4 coats of laquer on the calipers (and they get some stick it's probs why I'm going to need discs by the end of year if they keep wearing as they do haha)
No underseal just rust treat, red oxide, prime ,paint , laquered and waxoil underseal on key points

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Nice, maybe you could check out my car at JAE and let me know what my horrendous knocking noise is at the front end..!

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Yeah tbh my bush I know are worn but cannot get play out of then neither with the ball joints and they arnt all that loose either but 20years of use they are going ,
Only thing after is the top mounts which I'd be surprised at if they are failing
And the ABR droplink bushes fitted early this year or so they are knacked already (cheap crap )

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So new everthing , and its knocking like hell
The ball joint moved cause the c clip allowed it do so end up with the original snap clip back in
I'm going to look as it could be the callipers as it goes off when the brakes are even slightly on
New drop links note how this starline ones as oem spec not the usual short bolt and some spacers that rattle and don't fit as its got on now
Going to go throught the brakes as the slide pins are worn :/
Other. Then that she handles well

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