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Budget track day Micra build.

Hey guys.

I've had many Micras over the years, mainly as dailys over winter as they're so trusty and reliable but a few years ago i took one to the track.

As you can see it was totally unprepared and bog standard but i had an absolute blast and ever since then i've wanted to build one as a cheap low cost track day toy so that's exactly what i have done.
I bought a 1.3 gx pre facelift k11 as my base and i took it for a drive the other day to get some pictures, here it is -

My initial plans for the car are suspension, wheels and tyres and then take it from there.
I will also be documenting it on youtube if you want to follow it on there.
Here's my first video from going to pick it up

I also own an R32 Nissan Skyline that i'm restoring which i will be doing a lot of videos on.

I will keep the Micra build updated on here as much as possible too though and if anybody has any sugestions for suspension setups it's be greatly appreciated. I.e are Corsa coilovers any good for fast driving or are they just bouncy and horrible?
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I run:

Front: Corsa Koni adjustable coilovers with 325lb springs with standard 1.3 anti roll bar -1 deg camber, whiteline castor kit on max

Rear: Saab 93 rear shocks with mk2 focus rear springs cut down to 5 coils and a whiteline rear arb

very budget spec if you go to a decent snap yard or trawl ebay, seems to be working ok
Small update on the micra but a update never the less.
Today i deleted the rear wiper arm.

A little video i put together this morning. First mod on my Micra but might be helpful for anybody thinking about dewipering their K11.
I've not made a lot of progress on the Micra over the last couple of weeks but i have had loads of new parts arrive for it.
Here's a little video of everything that's in store for it !!
So a few weeks ago i fitted some LED bulbs.
I upgraded the side lights, Numberplate lights and also the headlight bulbs to run LED.
This is what they look like:

I've had them in for nearly 3 weeks now and i couldn't rate them high enough. I've had HID's in a previous Micra as well as uprated Halogen bulbs and these are by far the best option.

If you want to get yourselves some the links are below.
H4 LED headlight bulbs: https://rover.ebay.com/rover/1/710-...RK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2057872.m2749.l2649

501 LED bulbs for the numberplate and side lights:
A while ago i saw a k11 Micra at a meet with a normal MK3 golf front splitter on it. It didn't look like it fit very well and was sticking out all over the place but it actually looked quite good from a distance which got me thinking maybe i could modify the VR6 lip to fit as i had previously fitted one to my old 3rd Gen Civics without much trouble.
So i ordered one up from ebay and when it got here it was about a foot too wide. I decided i'd give it a shot anyway and see if i could chop it down to fit and bend it enough to follow the shape of the bumper.
I had to make a few modifications but here's what i did.

It wasn't a straight fit but i actually managed to get it to fit quite well minus the small crack.
It is a little time consuming and because the lip is made of plastic it is a little fragile but if you cut the scores deep enough on the corners it does bend to the shape of the bumper.

I ordered the lip off ebay, it was brand new. When i ordered mine they were £18 but have since gone up to £22.90 but for a brand new lip you can't really argue.
Here's where i got mine.
VR6 Lip: https://rover.ebay.com/rover/1/710-...RK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2057872.m2749.l2649


Haven't posted on here for a while but i have been quite busy with the Micra build.
One of the latest mods i have done is i made an induction kit for the Micra, with all the parts it cost about £40 to make.
It was really simple and barely took any modification to make it fit.
I think the next step with it is to possibly make a heat sheild and cold air feed for it.
Anyway here's a quick video of what i did to make it and a pic of what it looks like.


The next mod is the Gizfab adjustable panhard bar.
I was super happy with this, it's so well made and very easy to fit.
It's now sat on Corsa coilovers with Micra top mounts using spacers that i have had machined to make fit the Micra as i wasn't happy with using the Corsa top mounts and drilling into the strut towers. I had to play around with the suspension a lot to make sure it was ok and i've done a lot of testing. I'm fully aware that using the Micra top mounts is unsafe normally but these spacers enable you to accommodate the standard Micra top mount bearing and also take the load off the top mount. I'll be pulling them all apart again in the next few weeks to do a proper how to video on how i did it and have actually got some extra spacer kits made for anybody else that wants to do it this way.
Anyway as it's now sitting quite low i had to fit the adjustable Panhard bar to realign the rear axle.
Here's a how to on fitting the bar.
So after getting the Gizfab panhard bar fitted i had a free morning to get the wheel alignment as best as i could before going to Three Sister race circuit to do a little bit of testing with the Corsa B coilovers to make sure the home made spacers were doing their job properly and they did excellently.
Unfortunately my friends Rx8 had a bit of an issue as it broke down on the first lap due to him not emptying his catch tank before going on track so we spent a lot of the day cleaning oil out of his intake so he could get back on track in which time i was hoping to be filming so i could get a more detailed video of the day but unfortunately that didn't happen but hopefully next time i'll be able to get some better footage.
The Micra Performed great considering it's pretty much bone stock bar the Suspension, wheels and tyres.
Unfortunately any testing i had done up to that point had only been with me in the car and not much more than quarter of a tank of fuel and on the day i had filled up and had a passenger which was causing clearance issues and the tyres were scrubbing quite badly as you'll be able to hear in the video but it was just a day to do a bit of testing and was happy to find the problem now rather than when i had booked on a full track day.
So next job is to address the clearance issues either by roller the arches or fitting some over fenders (i haven't quite decided yet)
Anyway here's the footage from the day and a few pics


A few weeks ago i managed to pick up a set of headlights and a front bumper in the correct colour for my car at my local scrap yard as the bumper that's currently on mine has been badly sprayed black and the headlight brackets are damaged so the lights are a bit wobbly.
So before i started fitting it all i decided to split the new headlights and spray the inserts black just to give the front end a bit more of an aggressive look.
Here's a video of the whole process in case anybody else wants to give it a go.
I'll upload another video once i get around to fitting the front end to the car.
I've been so busy with work recently so my Micra has been getting a little neglected recently but i finally managed to get a few days to do some work on it.
I finally got around to fitting the black headlights in the car and also fitted the Gizfab rear wing which i absolutely love.
It was super well made and fit absolutely perfect.
I'd definitely recommend it to anyone with a k11, here's a few pics and video showing them both fitted.
I've had these Mirrors kicking about in my garage since last year with the intention of fitting them to my K11 Micra but it's just been one of those jobs i've never really got around to but the other day i decided to give it a go.
When i bought them i had full intention of mounting the mirrors to the wing but after seeing a couple of Micra's with them fitted i decided that it probably wouldn't fit with the look i was going for so i set to making some base plates so that i could mount them in the factory position.
My main goal with the car is to shred as much weight as physically possible so the mirrors i opted for are plastic rather than metal and i had an old aluminium road sign in the garage which was perfect as it was nice an light to cut the base plates from.
I cut templates from cardboard and then drew around them onto the metal and cut them out.
Here's a little video of what i did in detail and a few pics of the finished product.