Broke down now won't start, throttle problem?

Hi all,

I'm posting on behalf of my parents who have a K12 which cut out on them after driving on some wet roads on Saturday.

Their K12 cut out on them, and the RAC turned up, and read off error codes of P2122, P2138 and P1229. They all seem to relate to throttle sensors, has anyone ever had this before or got any advice please?

I went round to see it earlier and used my bluetooth ODBII code reader to verify the codes which were there as pending error codes.

Any advice grateful, they're going to go to the main dealer otherwise and probably be fleeced.


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cant you clear the codes with your code reader or do you know anyone who has a wired code reader that could clear them then see if car starts and runs then see how long before if at ever they come back
I can clear the codes yea, but didn't realise clearing the codes would help? I assumed if the car could now start then it would regardless of logged faults in the ECU? How does it stand on this?


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me bad or what? i thought it would not start, but clearing the codes will remove them from ecu, i know when i had a problem with camshaft sensor once the code was cleared car ran for another 3 to 7 days before it needed clearing again, also if it was just dampness then it should have by now dried out so i would asume again by clearing the fault codes that this would help and if it comes straight back then start thinking of replaceing sensors
My parents got the K12 tested by an autoelectrician who said the codes reported weren't the root cause of the fault. He thinks the ECU itsself has broken (!!) and he'd prefer they get one fitted by a Nissan dealer (quoted £1100 for the ECU alone)

What do you think about this? I have to be honest I've been ripped off by a main dealer before (Toyota) and I'm wary they're trying to do the same with my old folks.

They've towed the car to the dealer so I think I may visit it tomorrow and try to clear the codes and start it.

cheers kenniroibo I honestly hadn't thought of clearing the codes, I've never even come across any errors before, but I do have the facility to clear the codes.


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it would have to be coded but i think the last time i got one done it was £125 or if your up to it get the ecu pickup ring and key along with any other nah thats not going to work either as the power steering is also linked in there, just swap the ecu and get them to recode it all cheaper option if clearing codes wont work
you guys may have saved my poor old folks hundreds possibly thousands here. Thanks so much. I'll keep it updated as to how I get on!
I couldn't get back to the car, but the independant auto electrician tried to clear the codes and they came straight back, so the K12 went to Nissan for a new ECU, £1250 plus the fees for towing it, getting the independant auto electrian to diagnose ! :( They got it back on monday working properly.