Breaking K12

Hey Guys,

I'm breaking an 04 1.2L Petrol K12... it died because of fuel pump problems and the other has trashed the compression with easy start over the last six months but everything else on the car is fine, especially the interior which is quite nice, part leather style.

Any interest let me know, cheap cheap for micra forum folks - if no interest not a problem it will all go on ebay... :)

Everything else on the car is still up for grabs, I used both rear wheel bearings and one front nearside lower arm on another car but other than that everything is up for grabs... Everything from the fuel system went in the bin since it had a fuel issue that went undiagnosed properly until it lost compression so I'm not selling the pump or the injectors/rail since I can't verify their condition but I'm happy to give them away if anyone wants to gamble and pays the postage or collects them.