Breaking K10 super s


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Ok thought i'd do a fresh thread for this. basicaly the pics speak for them selves its a black k10 super s. spoke to the bloke and its not worth repairing so i will be stripping it and whats left will go to the scrappy. so call dibs on any parts you want and i will try my best to get what i can. i'm not gonna do a price list as i dont have the parts could do a rough price on major parts such as bodykit. so just call dibs and i'll do ya a price IF and when i get the part. quite a unique front bumper and good condition body kit, interior minus the steering wheel is all going to me unless someone offers me a very good price lol.

Due to the size of the kit i want to shift it quite quickly so i will take the best offer on the kit but all other parts will be first come first serve
to add i would rather not break the kit, so people who want the kit as a whole will get priority.





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hi dave pm'd u about side arche extentions and skirts and the front bumper

dibs parts i said about lol

dame, you beat me to the front bumper

is the engine a 1.0 or a 1.2,if is its a 1.2, what the differnet between the 1.2 gs engine and the super s, and would it be a straight swop over of engines


id guess there is no difference mate. Like with the k11 1.3's. But im not 100% sure.

Call dibs on the bonnet....What condition is it in? And rust, bumps, dimples, etc? And how much for it, collected?

Also interested in the boot struts (if they are good) and the washer jets water bottle (if in good condition) and possibly more if i think of any...


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How much for the speedo clocks and the plastics under the gearlever and handbrake (including the clock)


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is £150 a good price?

hey dude, would you take £150 for the entire interior, as im badly after a super s interior, inc the digital clock and the speedo with rev - counter?


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What sort of condition are the doors in, and how much are would you be asking for both doors?

And what about the drivers side front wing.



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sorry guys, the car has know been stripped and what was left was scrapped i'm afraid, could not take the whole car so had to just strip everything that was worth taking and the bloke had it scrapped befor i could arrange a return journy. the engine was 120,000 looked pretty rough anyway


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sorry littlewood i called them arches and skirts plus a few other bits with them and there mine all mine lol dave u have a pm


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cool, any chance i can get first dibs on the next kit

are the door pins available from the car as my drivers side door drop's a bit when i open it or does it do that with yours