Brake Fluid Replacement

I have read that you have to disconnect the ABS pump plug when bleeding brakes, changing pipes etc. Is this necessary ? If so, how do you un-clip the plug ?
I don't know about Nissan, but in my Camaro bleeding was done normally without removing ABS-pump.
When all 4 brake calibers were changed...:rolleyes:


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I've changed mine twice and not disconnected anything. Having said that, it is slow to bleed. The fluid doesn't move through the system very quickly.
For lazy mechanic, one needs 100ml syringe or similar, 30cm piece of hose and one liter of brake fluid.
Connect hose to syringe, put tip of hose to brake fluid reservoir, fill syringe. Remove syringe and drain content to appropriate container.
Fill reservoir to top, drive for a while, brake with heavy foot, this will mix old and fresh fluid. And repeat the process till brake fluid bottle is empty. Yes you will waste brake fluid, but you don't need to take your vehicle to garage or use time with bleeding ;)
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