Brake drum/rear hub bearing

Micra III, K12 2009: The brake drum with the old bearing is stock on the axle. How to get it free? I have tried with this hammer tool, but the drum doesn't move a single millimeter. The center nut is of course removed and the handbrake is not on. What is the trick? Do I have to heat the inner ring of the bearing or what?
Rgds. from Denmark


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Heating will help, but a standard puller should manage to get it off easily.
I had to visit a workshop. They got problems to get it of as well. The standard puller with threads didn't either managed to pull it of. The drum didn't move a single millimeter.
At last they had to get a hydraulic puller from another workshop. Then the drum came of with half a bearing - it was split in two parts !!
The problem was obviously that the axle/spindle which was worn?
At last the job was done - it took more than 2 hours!!
Drum brakes are good when they are working ok, but tend to be forgotten over the years this then ends up being a real pain as the shoes wear a groove on the inside of the drum. I replaced all the rear brakes and bearing including the back plates which were new but old stock from a Renault Modus (same braking system) and remove the drums once a year to inspect and clean the dust out. they work great if you keep an eye on them, I too bought my car with advertised new wheel bearings only to discover that they had damaged the bearing seals when they fitted them, and grease had been flying around inside the drums making the rear brakes useless and dangerous. moral to the story if you need to take your car to a garage keep a close eye on them and make sure you are happy with their service before handing over any money!!;)